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17 Feb 2012  FRI

By: Roadside Picker (Johor Ah Beng)

Interesting Yet Common:  Life’s A Two-sided Coin

This was a piece of news from Singapore.  A man who was a  Fortune-teller by profession, gambled in a casino in Singapore and soon dropped dead upon winning for himself a “fortune” of S$5,000 from the House.  It could be due to a heart-attack (?) that took place in the midst of excitment.

The lesson learned is not about whether one should check his heart’s condition before betting in casino. 

The “rules of game” for fun indulgence remain Not To Take It Too Seriously.  However, most people tend to indulge in fun things far more seiously than those real serious things to them and their family or society.

The essence of a Chinese saying is that, “die for a mountain weight and not like a feather!”  (死有重于泰山, 轻于鸿毛。)
It remains an individual judgement of our readers regarding this incident of “$5000 worth of fun and excitment.” Just another question in relation to this incident in which some may ask, “who’s the winner?” or rather, “who’s the loser?”


Comments on: "Counting Your Fortune" (1)

  1. The Observer said:

    That man told fortune for a living, but ended up dying for a “fortune”. What an irony…

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