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17 Feb 2012 FRI


Now even president Obama praised Lin-sanity on his extra-ordinary performance in sports. He says, “This is truly beyond basketball sport. It’s a phenomenon… “

Such a sudden out-burst of great performance/talent fits well in American society, especially so in highly competitive environment. This is an arena that tends to overlook slow and gradual incremental imprvements. No one gives notice to very consistent (but gradual) performance. Wall Street is the best illustrated example of America’s “go for the sky” kind of mentality and common expectations. 

The phenomenon of Lin-sanity exactly fits well with such formula.  But there’s nothing wrong with the equation at all.  To break new ground, one has to produce (cre
ate) the “energy” (form and content) that’s desparately needed by the society he lives in, at the right time.  Jeremy Lin trained very hard all these years and recognizes the time has come for him to show that Sudden Out-burt of talent on the court and in front of the crowd (and media). 

In Chinese classic phrase, it is called “横空出世” (heng-kong-chu-shi) !!!


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