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INSIGHTS OF LIN-SANITY By An American Professor



Part extracts of Prof. Zimmerman’s article on Lin-sanity phenomenon

Commentary by:  Eastcoast Picker
18th Feb 2012

What’s most telling here is this notion/rationale, “It’s not sufficient to earn near-perfect grades and test scores, or to excel at a musical instrument, or to win a science-fair contest….
But America’s elite universities don’t want too much of a good thing, if it ALL COMES FROM THE SAME RACIAL GROUP.”

I fully agree with Prof. Zimmrman in his final statement/calling:  “If you are Asian, our society says, excelling at school simply isn’t good enough. And that’s what I call Linsanity.”

This is an understanding of what advanced societies really need.  The myth of just because if one could study hard and score well in tests means the guy could handle all other things well is really a BS. 

Nevertheless, there’s still lack of fair play in common life’s encounters for Asians in the “land of promises”.  But, in comparison to other places outside Asia, USA remains a better choice for those who have dreams to pursue. Facts of life, to receive education in top US universities is of great value and many brilliant guys from Asia are still pushing hard to gain entry.


Jeremy Lin and Liao Hwa (廖化)


18 Feb 2012  SAT

More Commentary of Lin-sanity

by:   Chinese Scholar HWEE

The story begins with a Chinese classic literature “Romance of Three Kingdom”…

There was this general by the name of Liao Hwa (廖化) who was very low-key by nature. General Liao however, was deep in military knowledge and good in applying strategies on battle field.  Due to his low-key character, Liao was not assigned with important military campaigns most of the time.  But general Liao was patient yet determined in maintaining his macro perspective, be ready for sudden tasking.  It was ironic that many critical moments and turn of events were saved in the hands of general Liao; through his wits and decisiveness when he was called upon for important moments.

There are talents live for the moments… and there are talents who seize the moment.  General Liao and Jeremy Lin both share a common characteristic, that’s to be prepared for the moment. 

Those who read Chinese would enjoy the text story above  about general Liao Hwa’s moments captured in Romance of Three Kingdom.

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