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25th Feb 2012  SAT

Regional News Extracts & Commentary

By:   Prof. Lin Ah Buck

My friends sent me this two news extracts, one from the Lion City and the other, Taiwan.

(1)  Everything Is Decoded Through Our Mind Filter  

 Media all over the world popularized Linsanity. The way i look at it, it is merely derived from basic Racist-oriented thinking as well as, the key element of Mind Filter.

Mind filter is a “layer of criterion based” filtering system embedded in our thinking process. This is largely developed from our family & cultural background as well as the education we received. In addition to that, supplemented by one’s life experiences.

Therefore, almost all commentaries about Linsanity (Jeremy Lin) are the derivatives of the Mind Filter.  Which is heavily based upon one’s internal criteria that filters off certain elements before forming conclusion. There isn’t any new angle from which one could highlight the story.  I would only treat this story of Linsanity as a pop culture product.


(2)  Stereotype Scenario  

This was a popular TV variety program in Taiwan.  The program usually features sexy pretty girls and women combined with magic shows and entertainment to attract viewership.

As if to make a difference, on this episode the program introduced a lady bodybuilder to exhibit her well-toned muscle and physic.

But to demonstrate how would Asian stereotype men respond to her, here’s a scenario posted for readers, “Would you marry this lady bodybuilder based on her appearance and following stats?” In that,

–  a graduate of philosophy from a reputable university in Europe,

–  age 28

–  works as manager for a reputable & international gym

–  Virgin (for those who think that this is the most important criteria)

Take a careful appreciation of the picture and give your answer, truthfully.  Wait a minute.  Asian stereotype men may be so surprized that there’s long-enough a queue lining up for the lady bodybuilder.


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