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Why Unimpressive Men Got Pretty Women

27 Feb 2012 

The Logic of Unimpressive Men Got Pretty Women

by:  Joshua 

ONCE I was asked this layman question or rather a common observaion, in essence, people used to question the ratonale of WHY many “normal” (unimpressive) men got away with pretty girls rather easily and, ironically many handsome  or able men married plain-jane?  The more acceptable reason is that plain-jane has plenty of other good qualities.

Obviously, there are quite many versions of answer to the question, in which they tend to deal with too much logics and whatever psychological and politically correct reasoning. 

I would like to point the way to the question-answer using two key words:  Hope and Responsive.  Most able men and good-looking guys don’t bother with that.

For those normal or unimpressive men (in the eyes of other men) who could pull it off with pretty girls, they possess a set of unique quality in which, pretty girls (for that matter,  most girls) take such quality very seriously.  Let me explain further…
Those lucky men might be rated by their same breed (other men) as unimpressive; but in dealing with women/girls, these men are very attentive in their relationship by providing lots of “hope” to their female counterpart.  Whether such “hope” (e.g. expressed intention) will be fulfilled eventually is another matter all together. Because women live in Hope and embrace Hope, albeit each has different levels of patience.  Interestingly, some women sticking to hope for very long time, with repeatedly new hopes been created.

Another critical effort offered by these men is “responsiveness”. They are responsive to “matters arising” from their woman/girl.  So whenever their girl(s) sounds off any irritation, these men respond quickly.  They kill the fire immediately. They never give a chance to accusation of infideliy!  Don’t you know that many broken marriages and divorce cases are linked to INFIDELITY.

So, handsome men need not blame and complaint about why less able or unimpressive men got away with pretty women/girls.  Learn harder next time, give lots of hope and be responsive.  You too, stand good chance courting impressive and pretty women. 


Last but not least, one must not abuse such quality (if he has got it) for his own good and self-fulfillment only. At the end of the day, some promises have to be fulfilled… regadless.  There’s still no complete free lunch out there.


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