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NICK Vojicic – A Story of Faith

30 Mar 2012

by:  Joshua (pastoral)


Watch the following video link and you will understand just how powerful God is!

It is common and very often in life we witness seemingly strong and fortunate persons giving up in time of crisis (or challenge).

The reason is simple.  Because when you think that you are strong; that’s the moment you become “weak” subconciously in your will to take risks.  You start to wonder around in the park and do nothing to strengthen yourself.  And when crises hit, a seemingly strong person just collapse in the face of challenges.

“The smallest among you will rise to be the biggest…” 


Lion City 狮城 News Pick

28 Mar 2012

by:   乱七八糟


Another fiasco in the making, by this girl.




This new born puppy is smaller than the iPhone… but manages to survive through. It’s not a normal size for puppy.

Facebook Fiasco A Good Lesson

by:   Roadside Picker

A recent case in the Lion City state highlights the sensitivity of using one’s Facebook (or blog) to air personal frustration, in Lion City. Apparently such media platform can do harms to individuals or community sentiment. 

The Chinese national involved in the Facebook fiasco is a foreign scholarship holder studying at the National University
of Singapore.  Apparently in his Facebook he wrote that “In Singapore there are more dogs than human being”.  The statement is deemed to be a big insult to people in the Lion City state and people are very upset about his abuse of kindness for him to pursue his dreams. 

Disciplinary action was promptly taken by the university administration, including a reprimand, fine and enforced social work etc…  In addition, this guy has apologised for his act.

Thinking aloud, while the public reacted to the abuse very strongly but it is also, something true in nature to defense for – Respect and Fairness.



Weekend Media Select

Here are the relaxing picture media extracts (from Lion City) for weekend relaxing…

by:  Roadside Picker


          caption:  Fierce woman in mixed martial arts session


         caption:  She can protect her man…


          caption:  Daytime sales girl; “fighter” at night


          caption:   Coming to the Lion City now; the Tibetant Mastiff

Very Interesting News Extracts

20 Mar 2012

Here are some interesting news picture extracts –


caption:  NO COMMENT.


caption:  中国人 says, looks like Bo Xilai’s son is also an idiot. He drives Ferrari. Where’s the money comes from???


caption:  中国人 says, Bo Xilai is the biggest actor in China. Chinese words: 做假。


caption:   Ah Koon says, is the size of the (retirement) Cake that matters, not how you cut it. This is basic theory for retirement planning.

caption: A man says, is the age that matters, not how you pull and push the “assets”.


The Lion City reported that since last year till this March, a total of 18 Indonesian home maids were dead, fell from high-rise housing estates.

Such deadly incidents would continue to happen unless those house maid employers stop asking (many would Order their maid instead) their maid to clean the outside window panels.

When incidents happen, maid employers are quick to say that they have told their maid to be safe, but….
This is not a good excuse at all. 

See for yourself… the picture.  Don’t ask somone to clean your external window panels with their life on the edge.  Just telling them “to be safe” is not good enough.



18 Mar 2012   SUN

Some funny and interesting media pictures and stories… just for a relax weekend.

(1)   Needs A Thief To Catch Thiefs?

Bo is a “media manipulator” and uses strong underhands and “Sing Red” 唱红 to grab attention and fights corruption while he and his family do not come clean; as reported.  An episode of corrupt official catching the corrupts… funny. 



(2)   “Lin Is Lin”. Now Who’s Singing The Praise


(3)   From 1991 (Demi) to 2012 (Jessica)… Old Wine, New Bottle



(4)   Beat The Shit Out Of His…

Translation:  A strong-hand tactic used by this man’s girl friend.  The girl simply slammed on the poor guy’s sensitive part to vent her anger.  It was on You Tube as reported by the media.



In Germany a rabbit was born without ear!  While media people swamped around the poor little Rab on a press event, one of the reporters stepped on it and killed the little new-born (rabbit with no ear)!  His reasoning, “I couldn’t see it”.

Probably the poor rabbit also didn’t hear him coming…


(6) Sleeping China Legislative Congress Members


BO XILAI Shot His Own Feet 薄熙来耍重庆牌

17 Mar 2012

China News Commentary on Bo Xilai Case

2008年12月,在纪念改革开放30周年大会上,中共总书记胡锦涛在表明 中国走社会主义道路的坚定不移决心时,胡锦涛连续用了三个“不”:不动 摇、不懈怠、不折腾。其中“不折腾”一词成为海内外舆论关注热点。而在 2009年7月1日举行的庆祝中国共产党成立90周年大会上胡锦涛再强调 了“不折腾”。反观薄熙来在重庆的种种,显然有违“不折腾”的底线

在以低调为特色的中国官场上,薄熙来是个高调的异类。主政重庆以来, 薄熙来以其一贯高调的风格吸引了众多眼球。薄熙来自2007年主政重庆后 主导推行的“唱红”,被外界解读为是“重返毛泽东时代”,甚至有人给他戴 上“复辟文革”的政治帽子。在一些观察人士看来,这是“薄熙来承担不起的 政治代价”。


The above special news commentary/story from mainland China on the sacking of Bo Xilai highlights two major grave problems in relation to Bo. 

No. 1 problem is the way Bo executes his “beating corruption and triads” campaign. Bo uses his own under-the-table approach instead of more “logical norms” in dealing with officials of Zhongqin (those not his gangs).  This is viewed as high-handed and it threatens the current rules of the game set by Beijing.  In fact, Bo and his family were exposed to be not that clean after all… So, Bo has been playing a game of “gang catching gangs” for his personal political gains.

Next, Bo crossed the line as subordinate (to Hu’s government).  Bo pushes ahead a series of cultural revolution style of city management for Zhongqin.  He boasts about the “Zhongqin model” he introduced could be the model answer to China as a whole. What it means: The rest are all wrong, let’s go back to the era of cultural revolution and Maoism for China!  Take Zhongqin model. This made Hu’s team of government looks stupid. If Bo’s ambition is let loose, it threatens the current plan of leadership succession.

The clear and firmed answer Bo Xilai got from his bosses in Beijing at the end of the day is, “YOU ARE FIRED!”

GUN THE POP-UPs 枪打出头鸟!

17 Mar 2012

Special Commentary On News Extracts

by:   John Lee

(1)  Down Fall of Chinese Senior Offical BO XILAI

The sacking of Zhongqin chief Bo Xilai by the Central gvernment in Beijing is a typical replay of classic Chinese wisdom:  Gun the Pop-ups. (i.e. shoot the birds that pop up its head). To put it in simple phrase – kill the trouble-maker(s) fast.

Bo deserves this fateful outcome.  He is one typical character who reaps political benefits by stirring up calm water.  The English’s way of saying, he loves to throw shit at the (spinning) fan!  In the course of doing so, and along the way many players would be sacrificed (i.e. in jail or killed), including innocent opponents of him too. Bo is a very shrew politician. 

No pity for such a charactor who could bring back the “cultural revolution ver 2.0” for China!!!  What have been done in Zhongqin city is a clear signal, chanting “Red” 唱红 to go back to Maoism root. 

                 caption:  “Oh is the Shit… now hits the fan!” the shit-thrower says

(2)   LINsanity Faces The Conservative Coach!

The new coach of New York Knicks happens to be a  conservative thinker and doer.

The scenarios available for Jeremy Lin is very limited going forward.  His new coach would most probably adopt the tactic of only allowing superstar players (such as Anthony) to rule the court.  Sorry Linsanity or Nosanity…

Jeremy may end up a victim of his own brilliant pop-up suddenly.  When things are looking good he is the blue-eye boy but when shove comes to push in a 7 games defeat, the Pop-up (Jeremy) must take the blame.  This is the case for Linsanity the Great.  He’s gunned down this round.

A case of western version of “Gun the Pop-ups” 枪打出头鸟… replay on the NBA court.


X-road For Jeremy Lin

16 Mar 2012

Sport News Commentary

The resignation of coach D’Antoni of New York Knicks is a turning point but not for the basketball team.  It creates a crossroad for the most promissing upstart Jeremy LIN(Sanity).

Though at this juncture the NBA trade of players is over, but by next year this time all the NBA team coaches would not forget about this American born Chinese who shocked the world beyond anyone’s imagination.

The fact remains, that Jeremy would lose many chances to hold the ball on court and to direct the play after the return of Anthony the superstar.  Even worse, after the departure of coach D’Antoni, Jeremy may not fit well into new play strategies going forward. 

Regardless, one single glaring fact remains in everyone’s mind.  That is, at the right time right place and under a right coach, Jeremy can still save the day and produces solid performance and delivers most desireable results on the court.

So, what Jeremy needs to do is NOT to fight for ball control in the team but instead, is to focus on delivering the teamwork that’s most lacking in New York Knicks as it is now.

It will be a loss for Knicks to trade off Jeremy in the next play  season and a gain for whichever team to take him in.  Time is on Jeremy side, apparently… for he has done it once and still, yet another big surprise to watch out for.

In life, sometimes it pays to be an “unknown” factor under certain conditions and environment. Once becomes a completely known factor/entity in competitive landscape, the element of surprise is lost and there’s no more added values being perceived. An advice for Jeremy, “Jolly well stay focused”.


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