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2 Mar 2012   FRI

by:   Joshua  (pastoral)

Whether Jeremy Lin (Linsanity) or Michelle Yeoh (Chinese actress), both need a big opening of opportunity in rder to prove that they could handle bigger things in life. 

One Harvard professor told his class, “In life, you need just one big opportunity to place your mark.  But, many can’t even recognize the true opportunity, with equally many who can’t grab it when they see one. Only very few who see, recognize and SEIZE (i.e. act upon it) it.

Lately my friend came to me and spoke about his son Yan Kong again. Apparently Yan is still shooting all over the place. One moment he wanted to resume his post-graduate studies and next moment he wanted to go for yet another shot-cut to try a shot program and see if it would lead to an easy entry into more prestigious course of study.  I call such flip-flop behaviour the “mid-air collision” (空中撞飞碟)。In essence, it is like firing a short-gun blind-folded into the air and hope to hit an alien’s UFO passing by! 



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