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INteresting News

11th Mar 2012 

Brief commentary by:  Ah Seng

LION City Interesting News Extraction

News #1  –  Reaching Bottle-neck Finally?
The island state in Southeast Asia has been leveraging its most critical success factors, namely Efficiency and Productivity for the past 47 years with great significance and proven track records.  Though many foreign experts had been critical about whether such a long proven method would hit a hard wall in the future, the island state continues to cut through waves of economic crises. But, is the Crying-wolf really coming this time?
Can Productivity overwhelms Creativity and Innovation so that this island state continues to grow its economic pie?


News #2  –  IS IT that critical or just worrying too much and too long? 
The island state’s CPF (Central Provident Fund) system has served its population well for the past 50 years. Credit must be given to the agency.  However, based on logical culculation and the ABCs of economics, going forward its majority of retiring population may have to live below “the waterline”.
The debates apparently is centered on what’s acceptable (basic) retirement living? 
According to the press, 70% of those soon to be retired population do not come close to the “basic” yardstick.  With higher GDP growth and increase in economic pie, can the problem be solved?  Stagnation of net wage increase is going to be a sign of “steady state” for the forseeable future. 
Just thinking aloud, what would be considered as “fair distribution” of per capita GDP among the population yet encouraging merit performance? 


News #3  –  Interesting Enough.
Usually at this level of job resignations (i.e. below service chiefs) would not be announced so publicly. 
But the incumbent is (now was) the chairman of 2012 National Day Parade Celebration Executive Committee and this is a big deal in July this year.
Just thinking aloud, what kind of “personal reasons” in which this senior officer could take at heart to be in higher prioity than a national level assignment, and just suddenly dump it half-way and go?!  Can the people of the island state trust such leadership to defense them? 

AFTERNOTE: Some say that this may be a “Wild-card”! That’s to say that this senior officer might be earmarked for political career. A coincidental timing at this juncture to go in for a vacant constituency re-election polling…



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