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X-road For Jeremy Lin

16 Mar 2012

Sport News Commentary

The resignation of coach D’Antoni of New York Knicks is a turning point but not for the basketball team.  It creates a crossroad for the most promissing upstart Jeremy LIN(Sanity).

Though at this juncture the NBA trade of players is over, but by next year this time all the NBA team coaches would not forget about this American born Chinese who shocked the world beyond anyone’s imagination.

The fact remains, that Jeremy would lose many chances to hold the ball on court and to direct the play after the return of Anthony the superstar.  Even worse, after the departure of coach D’Antoni, Jeremy may not fit well into new play strategies going forward. 

Regardless, one single glaring fact remains in everyone’s mind.  That is, at the right time right place and under a right coach, Jeremy can still save the day and produces solid performance and delivers most desireable results on the court.

So, what Jeremy needs to do is NOT to fight for ball control in the team but instead, is to focus on delivering the teamwork that’s most lacking in New York Knicks as it is now.

It will be a loss for Knicks to trade off Jeremy in the next play  season and a gain for whichever team to take him in.  Time is on Jeremy side, apparently… for he has done it once and still, yet another big surprise to watch out for.

In life, sometimes it pays to be an “unknown” factor under certain conditions and environment. Once becomes a completely known factor/entity in competitive landscape, the element of surprise is lost and there’s no more added values being perceived. An advice for Jeremy, “Jolly well stay focused”.



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