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17 Mar 2012

China News Commentary on Bo Xilai Case

2008年12月,在纪念改革开放30周年大会上,中共总书记胡锦涛在表明 中国走社会主义道路的坚定不移决心时,胡锦涛连续用了三个“不”:不动 摇、不懈怠、不折腾。其中“不折腾”一词成为海内外舆论关注热点。而在 2009年7月1日举行的庆祝中国共产党成立90周年大会上胡锦涛再强调 了“不折腾”。反观薄熙来在重庆的种种,显然有违“不折腾”的底线

在以低调为特色的中国官场上,薄熙来是个高调的异类。主政重庆以来, 薄熙来以其一贯高调的风格吸引了众多眼球。薄熙来自2007年主政重庆后 主导推行的“唱红”,被外界解读为是“重返毛泽东时代”,甚至有人给他戴 上“复辟文革”的政治帽子。在一些观察人士看来,这是“薄熙来承担不起的 政治代价”。


The above special news commentary/story from mainland China on the sacking of Bo Xilai highlights two major grave problems in relation to Bo. 

No. 1 problem is the way Bo executes his “beating corruption and triads” campaign. Bo uses his own under-the-table approach instead of more “logical norms” in dealing with officials of Zhongqin (those not his gangs).  This is viewed as high-handed and it threatens the current rules of the game set by Beijing.  In fact, Bo and his family were exposed to be not that clean after all… So, Bo has been playing a game of “gang catching gangs” for his personal political gains.

Next, Bo crossed the line as subordinate (to Hu’s government).  Bo pushes ahead a series of cultural revolution style of city management for Zhongqin.  He boasts about the “Zhongqin model” he introduced could be the model answer to China as a whole. What it means: The rest are all wrong, let’s go back to the era of cultural revolution and Maoism for China!  Take Zhongqin model. This made Hu’s team of government looks stupid. If Bo’s ambition is let loose, it threatens the current plan of leadership succession.

The clear and firmed answer Bo Xilai got from his bosses in Beijing at the end of the day is, “YOU ARE FIRED!”


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