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17 Mar 2012

Special Commentary On News Extracts

by:   John Lee

(1)  Down Fall of Chinese Senior Offical BO XILAI

The sacking of Zhongqin chief Bo Xilai by the Central gvernment in Beijing is a typical replay of classic Chinese wisdom:  Gun the Pop-ups. (i.e. shoot the birds that pop up its head). To put it in simple phrase – kill the trouble-maker(s) fast.

Bo deserves this fateful outcome.  He is one typical character who reaps political benefits by stirring up calm water.  The English’s way of saying, he loves to throw shit at the (spinning) fan!  In the course of doing so, and along the way many players would be sacrificed (i.e. in jail or killed), including innocent opponents of him too. Bo is a very shrew politician. 

No pity for such a charactor who could bring back the “cultural revolution ver 2.0” for China!!!  What have been done in Zhongqin city is a clear signal, chanting “Red” 唱红 to go back to Maoism root. 

                 caption:  “Oh is the Shit… now hits the fan!” the shit-thrower says

(2)   LINsanity Faces The Conservative Coach!

The new coach of New York Knicks happens to be a  conservative thinker and doer.

The scenarios available for Jeremy Lin is very limited going forward.  His new coach would most probably adopt the tactic of only allowing superstar players (such as Anthony) to rule the court.  Sorry Linsanity or Nosanity…

Jeremy may end up a victim of his own brilliant pop-up suddenly.  When things are looking good he is the blue-eye boy but when shove comes to push in a 7 games defeat, the Pop-up (Jeremy) must take the blame.  This is the case for Linsanity the Great.  He’s gunned down this round.

A case of western version of “Gun the Pop-ups” 枪打出头鸟… replay on the NBA court.



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