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by:   Roadside Picker

A recent case in the Lion City state highlights the sensitivity of using one’s Facebook (or blog) to air personal frustration, in Lion City. Apparently such media platform can do harms to individuals or community sentiment. 

The Chinese national involved in the Facebook fiasco is a foreign scholarship holder studying at the National University
of Singapore.  Apparently in his Facebook he wrote that “In Singapore there are more dogs than human being”.  The statement is deemed to be a big insult to people in the Lion City state and people are very upset about his abuse of kindness for him to pursue his dreams. 

Disciplinary action was promptly taken by the university administration, including a reprimand, fine and enforced social work etc…  In addition, this guy has apologised for his act.

Thinking aloud, while the public reacted to the abuse very strongly but it is also, something true in nature to defense for – Respect and Fairness.




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