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FaceBook Photos Become Porn Ads

by:  Non-FB User

Interesting news report extracts

Those who love to show-off their lifestyle be aware.  It was reported by media that some women’s “attractive” photos on facebook were “hi-jacked” and “relocated” onto pornography / dating website.

Read the following news,


above:  Hi-jacked photo appeared on porn / dating site


above:   Alarming incidents…


29 April 2012  SUNDAY

Extracts of various news media photos/reports

by: Roadside Picker


above:   The Lion City changed its name?! Since when? The word Afganistan (country address) appeared on one resident’s telecom billing. 



above:   Chinese govt. official websites were hacked yesterday and input with anti-communist party slogans!  It really looks very funny.


above:   Malaysia’s capital had a serious crowd riot yesterday. The political activists were dressed in yellow colour shirt. 
Looks like Asian political movements have to “show their colours” to be taken seiously.
In Taiwan it is Blue vs Green;
for Thailand is Yellow vs Red;
The Pilippines is Yellow;
Myanmar is Green;
Now for Malaysia is also Yellow. (Yesterday in KL the police simple dragging away people wearing yellow dress on the street).

BO XILAI On TIME Magazine Cover

28 April 2012

Special Alert


At least Bo got himself on the cover of TIME...

The photographer who took this image of Bo Xilai should be praised for such a precise shutter timing.

From Bo’s facial expression, it is crystal clear that he was aware of his dire situation and his final fate in the history of Chinese Communist Party. Obviously, not a good ending.

It is envisaged that he will be expelled from the CCP and to serve a long jail sentence, if not worse.

In China, there’s no place for a charismatic politician no matter what platform he uses to achieve his goal; more so for someone who doesn’t come clean himself.


by:  Hello

EVERY now and then we benefited from news reporting about all sorts of incidents and stories that make us think harder…
Listed below are three “abnormal cases” for sharing to readers.

(a)   Some people just can’t be educated(?)
This is a strange phenomenon in Singapore.  Regardless of all sorts of pre-employment training conducted for foreign house maids, the “falling down rate” (fall to death) as been increasing.  Training program not up to standard on safety awareness? Or simply these people never get to understand the most basic instruction?  Or, simply a case of trying their luck?


(b)   Long-lived the bullet-man and 9 Lives
This type of examples are hard to come by. 


Singapore Inflation

27 Apr 2012

by:  Roadeside Picker


Extracts of Lion City News Reports


above:   Inflationary upward trends


above:  Take specific and more focused actions, not keep harping on macro theories


above:  Can business sector and households bear the increasing costs of doing biz and living? It’s a trade-off. How high the S-dollar can move up to?!


above:   Some think that productivity is not a magic word… which is quite true after all. Open up mindset changes perspective

Underage Sex Patron Tries To Disguise

An interesting news report from Singapore

26 Apr 2012

by:  Ulu Gurmit



Recently the Lion City’s biggest social event is the busting of a large Internet Sex Syndicate in which many cases involved underage paid sex. More surprisingly, many underage paid sex patrons are of good social standing, such as school principal, law enforcers, famous businessmen, political activist, teachers, senior executives. 

When these sex patrons were summoned to court, they all tried to avoid media reporting especially photo-taking.  Yesterday one of them tried to be smarter than the media, he apparently dressed up to disguise as a defending lawyer and “hiding” among a group of lawyers in defence of the sex case.

Initially the media people were less alert and missed him.  But he was exposed as one of the sex patrons inside the courtroom when he was called to the stand. 

The outcome of the hide and seek? 
When this disguised “lawyer” walked out of the court, immediately he became the biggest target to focus, by all media.  And his clear photographed identity is now on the newspapers.  Interestingly for the rest of the accused sex patrons they “escaped” from this round of photographing by media… thanks to this “smarter” underage sex patron’s creative idea to disguise himself as one of the lawyers that drew away all attention.

It was reported by media that this guy is a govt. scholar and (was) an executive with the ministry of education and (was) a school teacher. He was apparently also an activist on the island state’s many political forums, aspires to serve the society(?).

Love Thy Neigbour First, And Your Cat

Funny News Story Extracts

25 Apr 2012

by:  Old Folk

Ask Yourself A Tough Question


The Lion City local newspapers published a “Cat Story” today.

In short,  a “poor” old retiree was charged and fined $3,000 and medical fees for setting fire on his neigbour’s cat. The cat had its both ears tip and eye lip badly burnt, hospitalized for 4 days. The cat’s owner stays one floor above him in the HDB flat.

Though the oldman (who burnt his neigbour’s cat) is wrong about acting cruel on an animal. But, the cat’s owner doesn’t come clean either.

This is not an uncommon situation for cat lovers living in the Lion City’s HDB block flat. “These animal lovers” often release their cat in the wee hours in early morning period, as in the above case, to get away from their own house and, mind you, to shit at other people’s door-step especially for households with potted plants just outside their door along corridor.  Owners love their cat and cats love to shit at these potted plants area! Mind you, cats are smarter than you think, they could move to another floor and shit there, then return back to owner’s house without getting lost.

Now you readers get the clear picture? 
In the first place, such cat lovers are selfish lot of people who knew what exactly they (and their cat) are doing. So, animal lovers love their cat and continue to dirty their neigbours corridor/compound!!!

Apparently the press people do not understand what happens on the ground.  They should “see” the right things and report them in right context. Yes, by all means love the cats, but love your neigbours also. Don’t shit at their door-step!

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