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1st Apr 2012   April Fool Day

by:  Sports Observer


My friend who’s an umpire in one of the world/international sport organization recently told me this story.  He said that after he scans through almost all the international competitive sports arena, he discovers that Table Tennis is the Most Funny Sport of all. 

Why? I asked him.  Beause I love playing table tennis. 

My umpire friend explains; he lays out the following phenomenon on why table tennis has become such a Funny sport.
–  Over the past 4 decades, China has wiped out the whole world’s table tennis players in almost all the interational table tennis tournaments/events.  Nobody is even near Chinese players standard.

–  After a while, international organizations for THIS sport have come to realize that if such situation persists, table tannis as a competitive sport will have no future.  Nobody will be interested in the sport as the outcome (of China team wins all the time) is beyond question. 

–  So, now it is the exact situation/stage of play; that for the past 2 decades China has loosened up their control over “exporting” relatively good table tennis players and coaches on overseas migration as well as on contractual ground. Suddenly places such as European countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. took in many mainland Chinese table tennis players and coaches.  Many have become citizens of these countries.  And of course, soon they start to represent the countries in international tournaments.

–  So, the competitive sport arena of table tennis becomes more “balanced” these days.  Just like what F1 is doing.  Nobody will take part eventually if the best team keep winning… once that happens, commercial values for that sport is gone.  Advertisers will start to pull out because nobody will watch “uninteresting and uncompetitive” sports if its outcome is always predictable. 

–  Of all competitive sports on earth, my friend observes, table tennis is the most “balanced game”.  (Or most artificial?). Because, whether it is European nations such as Germany, Sweden, France, etc. and including some Asian countries, most of the time on the court it is an unique sight of Chinese players competing with Chinese players… coached by Chinese coaches often the case, but representing different countries that’s about it.

My friend clarifies that there’s nothing wrong with that so long as Parties Involved are happy to follow such “Most Balanced” ruling.  Legally it is fool-proof. You can’t argue that there are not real competitions. Tournaments are more competitive and therefore with more excitment.

Thinking aloud, on today’s World Table Tennis Championship final held in Germany is, by the way, Who vs Who? 

My friend says it loud and clear:  “China A team vs China B  team in reality”. Yet he’s quick to clarify further, “but if we simply see that  as two good sport teams competing for the world champion title and to entertain people in front of TV sets , then no need to bother who’s who.” 

I must say that my friend has some wisdom. Maybe this is what the essence of Global Village” is all about – We are one. 
No wonder one Chinese national ever said, “table tennis is not only our national sport, it is our global game”.


            photo caption:  China A team vs China B team at the World Table Tennis Championship in Germany?


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