Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

3rd Apr March

by:   Roadside Picker

(1)   Lincomplete!  Now that Jeremy Lin is under medical treament due to his knee injury, a journalist starts to throw out the slogan of “Lincomplete”. 


(2)   WHAO!  Smashed up the car with bare hands… ???


(3)   Taxi-killer.   It was reported that this guy scratched and defaced many taxis (cabs) in a Singapore casino car park.  The reason?  It was rumoured that he couldn’t stand losing money at the casino and “blame cab drivers for fetching him there”…


(4)   At Last, Something better than iPad. High-tech Product With See-through Lens. This is too much… it is being sold in China. The website says, put on the glasses and you bcome the “X-ray Man!”.  Maybe the custom people should consider that.





               caption:  pictures are extracted from the web


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