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7th April 2012  SAT

by:  Joshua

What’s The Real Problem?

Read the news report appended below. It happned in Russia.  The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church was spotted in a website photo wearing an expensive timepiece, presumed it is a Breguet that worth about USD30,000.

What follows is lots of erupted blog complaints and uhappiness, ridiculed the church as hypocritical. The church, it was reported that it blamed photo editors in its press service for the “technical mistake” – after removing the doctored photo (i.e. airbrushed away the watch). 

The essence of the story reported is not about whether church leaders are “morally correct” to own an expensive timepiece such as Breguet; but it is a useful lesson about “church denial syndrome”!

It is not uncommon in this commercial and materialistic society that some churches are living in the state of denial. 



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