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10th April 2012

by:  Roadside Picker

News That Make People Think

(1)   In Lion CITY –  Pay/Salary Not Enough

It goes to show that where’s the impressive GDPs over the years were distributed in a society?  Will the professor’s plea be taken seriously or just blowing hot air? 
His proposal of wage freeze for mid -high income earners and to increase low-income labour force wages sends an alarming signal to economists who believe in free market system of “fair distribution”. 
What the professor trying to say is that an immediate short-term (e.g. 3 years) “rebalancing of portfolio” may serve more good in the long-run.
The issue is more complex than simply closing wage gap of course; it involves the state’s changing economic landscape as well as strategic resources (human resources, capital, social security, energy, innovation power) management. Strategic Trade-off is inevitable for this small state to stay at the forefront of social-economic development.  Forget about this seemingly magical buzz word PRODUCTIVITY.  The fact remains that it can’t keep pushing unlimited productivity increases with limited resources without drastic and fundamental sea change of current structure.





(2)   Most Stunning News Story/Photo  –  Life’s Protest


This photo story appears in TIMES magazine’s April 9 issue.  A Tibetant burns his life away in protest of China’s control of Tibet territory.

(3)   New New York Cab in 2013

Next year, the current iconic New York yellow cab running about in the city will be replaced by another yellow cab albeit it is “fatter” and more spacious. A fond memory fading away …



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