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Story extracted from local news of Lion City

by: Roadside Observer

17 April 2012

Main Script:

a.   The biggest pimp in Lion City has been caught and charged for providing underage prostitutes to business men, senior executives and senior civil servants in Lion City. He was apparently a boss of few companies including IT services.

b.   A principal of one very famous school was charged, among other 33 underage sex patrons, including a police force senior officer and a naval officer!

c.   Many of these sex patrons are paying between s$400 – s$800 for underage sex deal. Many of them also checked in to luxury hotels for their “dealing”.

d.   Majority of the sex patrons are of mid 30 age group.

e.   According to the local press, apparently the pimp’s parents used to praise him and tell people that their son is “very capable” and they are proud of his business achievement. (apparently NOW the law enforcement agency does not quite agree with this…)

Some of the media pictures: 



“Hip-hop dance???”


sex patron run away from media


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