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22 April 2012

Singapore hot news report extracts

by:  Roadside Picker


This is a rather nasty scenario happened on the Lion City’s MRT/LRT system today. 

A Light Rail Train (connecting the MRT lines) today broke down over a stretch of high-rise railway and passengers had to walk along the high rail in order to be evacuated. 

In last one week alone the Mass Rapid Transit lines had 5 breakdown cases that caused huge inconvenience to the island state’s commuters; and the transport minister was demanding answers from the SMRT company. Before he gets the answers, another nasty incident happened today. (see above picture).

Looks like either the problem(s) are too big to solve within a short period of time or they don’t even know the root causes of the constant failure synrome.

(The ex-CEO who specialized in RETAIL business had resigned “timely”…)


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