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22nd April 2012  SUN

News picked up by:  百家族


above:  Before you continue with the news appended blow, try to solve the IQ test within 10 seconds.


above:   This is the world’s fattest tabby cat (named MEOW) weighing at 39lbs (17.69kg) currently undergoing slimming program… in New Maxico. IF this happens in Guangzhou (China), the cat would probably be “silent” and in a pot of hot boiling soup.


above:   There’s no more secret after the sex scandal.  They should be called the “US Sex Service”.  But think of it, who doesn’t make mistake??? Ask school principals and they will tell you.


above:   Singapore (an island city state in South East Asia) people are sick of their mass transit rail service.  Frequent breakdowns of train service are the “new normal” of their daily commuting life since December 2011. The transport minister has been asking for “answers” from the management of train company but to no avail.  Some say that the root cause of problems might be due to “moving too fast” (a norm for this country)…. but some reckon that it is “lack of productivity”; so long as productivity is up, all problems can be solved.


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