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25 Apr 2012

by:  Old Folk

Ask Yourself A Tough Question


The Lion City local newspapers published a “Cat Story” today.

In short,  a “poor” old retiree was charged and fined $3,000 and medical fees for setting fire on his neigbour’s cat. The cat had its both ears tip and eye lip badly burnt, hospitalized for 4 days. The cat’s owner stays one floor above him in the HDB flat.

Though the oldman (who burnt his neigbour’s cat) is wrong about acting cruel on an animal. But, the cat’s owner doesn’t come clean either.

This is not an uncommon situation for cat lovers living in the Lion City’s HDB block flat. “These animal lovers” often release their cat in the wee hours in early morning period, as in the above case, to get away from their own house and, mind you, to shit at other people’s door-step especially for households with potted plants just outside their door along corridor.  Owners love their cat and cats love to shit at these potted plants area! Mind you, cats are smarter than you think, they could move to another floor and shit there, then return back to owner’s house without getting lost.

Now you readers get the clear picture? 
In the first place, such cat lovers are selfish lot of people who knew what exactly they (and their cat) are doing. So, animal lovers love their cat and continue to dirty their neigbours corridor/compound!!!

Apparently the press people do not understand what happens on the ground.  They should “see” the right things and report them in right context. Yes, by all means love the cats, but love your neigbours also. Don’t shit at their door-step!


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