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An interesting news report from Singapore

26 Apr 2012

by:  Ulu Gurmit



Recently the Lion City’s biggest social event is the busting of a large Internet Sex Syndicate in which many cases involved underage paid sex. More surprisingly, many underage paid sex patrons are of good social standing, such as school principal, law enforcers, famous businessmen, political activist, teachers, senior executives. 

When these sex patrons were summoned to court, they all tried to avoid media reporting especially photo-taking.  Yesterday one of them tried to be smarter than the media, he apparently dressed up to disguise as a defending lawyer and “hiding” among a group of lawyers in defence of the sex case.

Initially the media people were less alert and missed him.  But he was exposed as one of the sex patrons inside the courtroom when he was called to the stand. 

The outcome of the hide and seek? 
When this disguised “lawyer” walked out of the court, immediately he became the biggest target to focus, by all media.  And his clear photographed identity is now on the newspapers.  Interestingly for the rest of the accused sex patrons they “escaped” from this round of photographing by media… thanks to this “smarter” underage sex patron’s creative idea to disguise himself as one of the lawyers that drew away all attention.

It was reported by media that this guy is a govt. scholar and (was) an executive with the ministry of education and (was) a school teacher. He was apparently also an activist on the island state’s many political forums, aspires to serve the society(?).


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