Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   Chinaman

中国行! Yes, China Can.
This is what we are proud of.

If you don’t believe, look at the following examples in which no western country can match…


above:   60 years old pole-dancer.  Still looks sexy and attractive.  In western world, they are aleady in the old folks homes.


above:   Pretty traffic policewoman dancing yet having traffics under control.  By the way, this is only in Chongqin city.


above:   Most intelligent imitation that effectively avoids any legal suit yet still carries the essence of “friends meeting place”.


above:   This is the ultimate. China-built Titanic II !!!  Australian tycoon has assigned the contract of building a second Titanic to a China shipyard.  Upon completion, the Titanic II will cruise from the same port in England to New York, to commemorate the historic journey…

above: China has Bo Xilai.
(the report above says that Bo has the world biggest appetite for women; had tried out >100 of them)


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