Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:  Roadside Picker


above:  This happens only in Asia, to be precise the Lion City. A few cases show that people having their cell phone data been swapped without their awareness!  That means, your private data on your cell phone including doc. and messages etc. could have been swapped to another cell phone user and instead, you get to see others data. This is really a nightmare. 


above:   Singapore prime minister voiced disagreement with the country’s most reputable economist over how to narrow the widening wage gap and help the lower income population. Only time will tell, who’s right on this issue.  There are numerous factors involved in wage increase vis-a-vis productivity as the only driver.  Not an easy one to solve…


above:   Newly invented desk alarm clock “Ramos”.  Supposedly one of the great inventions for daily life. Accordingly to the description stated as above, one must wake up from bed and walks to the bathroom in order to switch it off. Apparently it is indestructible by normal means.
Can it sell?


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