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by:  Chinaman

Sex Addicts Are Usually Highly Educated Professionals?

Here is a piece of news report extracted from the Lion CITY media.


According to “experts”, they sort of concluded that usually sex addicts are highly educated professionals.  This is because highly educated professionals in their mid 30s to 50 years of age are uder tremendous pressure at work (career arena) and hence, need a way to “release stress” by means of sexual encounters.  True?!

Bo Xilai’s has been on the main stage of China political scandal for many weeks.  Bo himself has attained “rare honour” of been put on TIME magazine cover twice with very short time duration.  In China, officials used to call Bo the “Bo Hard-on” behind his back. (大连市官员私下都骂他”勃起来”.) Apparently Bo had sexual encounters with hundreds of women to “release stress”. So, looks like not only pofessionals in Lion CITY having the “hard-on” problem; China’s top officials are sharing the same symptom.  No wonder “Knowledge is power” and power corrupts…



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