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8 May 2012

by: Chinaman

TIME Magazine Cover – It’s Bo Xilai again…

中共前重庆市委书记薄熙来本周再度登上美国《时代》(TIME)杂志封面。此次照片为面部 变成红色、眼神狐疑的薄熙来,斗大标题写着《充斥丑闻的人民共和国》,配上专文:谋杀、 谎言、腐败,中国能面对真相吗?



Bo Xilai’s case apparently received huge attention from USA and its allies.  TIME magazine puts Bo on its cover for the 2nd time in just one week apart.  This is quite a “rare treatment”.

However the way TIME put it on cover, might not be that  welcomed by the communist party of China.  The cover reads, “murders, lies, corruption. Can China face the truth?!”

Bo has to go into the grave he dug for himself because he “touched the reversed scale on the dragon’s back” intentionally! A Chinese classical proverb;  those who touches  the reversed scale on dragon’s back will die.  i.e.  Bo tried to play with the “dragon”; i.e. to take power to be the top man in CCP.  Such ambition only leads to grave consequences. He knew what he was doing and thus the big risk. No pity.

So the fact is, the Americans are wrong again, the westerners fail to recognize “what’s truth” deep in the Chinese court/political culture. Westerners only saw the excuses used by the CCP to remove and destroy Bo Xilai; for Bo’s highy prominent princeling background and status, all these (murder, lies and corruption) crimes though true but still not enough to harm Bo. People like him are “way above law”…
It is the “reversed scale on the dragon’s back” that destroys him.
This remains the most intrigue political cultuure of China – Deadly Dragon Scale.


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