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Human Victims

9 May 2012

by:  Roadside Picker

Reported News (China and Malaysia)

(1)   Malaysia – 74 years old jogger killed by Pit Bull !



Some tips here: 
1.   When attacked by dog, don’t fall down.  This is to protect the weakest spots – neck and face.
2.   Kick the bloody dog’s nose hard.  This hurts a lot and the dog sure to back off.
3.   Stand firm and face the dog.  Ready to kick hard if dog attacks.  Don’t bother who’s dog it is. Don’t be animal lover for that moment.
4.   Running away is not a wise move.  Because dog runs faster and when you start running, is a signal for dog to give chase. Is in their DNA. 

(2)   China  –  Capsules made of grind baby flesh !
These capsules were seized by South Korean custom while making entry from China into Korea.
Apparently there’s a market in Korea in which cancer patients are seekng such baby flesh capsules as special medicine. 
Each of these capsules could fetch up to USD40+




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