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11th May 2012

by:   Roadside Picker

Everyone A Loser


Reading from the media reporting, it seems that the ex-ceo didn’t aware of many critical issues concerning the train and rail systems.  But one thing for sure, she’s contributed good revenue to the mass transit company through retail operation… yes, it’s RETAIL.


“It’s not systems maintenance alright…” Sounds like “Act of God”?


The train company said that they had to “rush” the inspections to resume trains operation after the stoppage, because the authority “push” them… ??? This sounds like the Chinese martial art Tai-Chi (i.e. pushing away anything comes your way).

The train incident episodes in the Lion CITY highlight the following foundamental issues that the company (may be the authority also) failed to have effective risk control:

(1)   a well-tested emergency (crisis) management standard operaing procedure that works;
(2)   that companies of such important nature its CEO should be knowledgeable in most espects of mission critical operations of MRT (not retail, please) if not an expert in mass transit rail operations;
(3)   a 3rd party major/critical systems audit within reasonable timeframe, especially over periods of line expansion;
(4)   well-established resource management system to ensure adequate operational and maintenance tasks can be well executed.

The commission of inquiry has so far unveiled or pinpointed some inadequacies… more to come.


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