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12 May 2012

by:   Roadside Picker

The Chairman Has The Courage To Admit…

The Lion CITY; the Committee of Inquiry. The mass transit saga.
The Rest (of SMRT management) seemed to evade away and tried to play ignorant boys and girls or pushing the blame…
At least the rail company’s chairman has the courage to admit for the company’s failure in the most foundamental area –  that they didn’t quite manage it like an engineering company!
In stead, they were happy to manage it like retail malls for profits.  That’s evident from the decision to hire a solely retail -oriented person as the chief 10 years ago…
The saying is right, “When your only tool is a hammer in the toolbox; you manage every problem like a nail.”

Good for SMRT to finally acknowledge the one single most crucial factor in the missing link; but, what takes soooo long for the board of directors to realize?  Especially so with a chairman who’s engineer by training and expert in process management.  SMRT’s risk management profile seems based on luck factor rather than fact-finding.

Anyway, it’s a positive sign that it’s chairman takes the lead to come forward and admit, and “committed” to make things right again…




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