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13 May 2012  SUN

by:  Roadside Picker

How Did SMRT Hire Its CEO?
Lion CITY news extracts


The Committee of Inquiry on mass transit rails sage continues…

When she was questioned about consecutive mass tranit breakdown incidents, the rail company’s ex-ceo claimed that, “if not for big scale security incidents such as bomb explosion, we never thought of problems such as the cause of loosen rail powerline claws…”.

She also pushed away any notion about inadequate maintenance causes.  The $64,000 question is, then what’s the ceo and management team were doing all this while?  Oh yes, some people say, could be spending great effort on retail business… can’t blame them for not taking engineering stuff seriously.

The following extracted article “story” by this reporter is worth noting.  Essentially, he relates the Lion CITY’s mass transit saga to a famous Japanese folk story that also made into popular movie many years ago. 
In the mentioned story, a case of cold-blooded murder was staged and later upon police investigation, each witness including those involved gave very diversed accounts of what happened on scene and motives. The whole case therefore turned into an intrigue and ugly saga.

According to the witnesses report/statement as accounts to the mass transit breakdown incidents, it falls into the same “dark pool” as the Japanese murder saga.  Even matters such as training for emergencies, the management’s claims are completely different from what the station staff’s satement.


The writer of above article has good reason to feel worried about how this public transport company is run and managed; “if they (the company experts) don’t even know how to run the operations well, the real problems are much serious than we thought.”
Good reasoning.


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