Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   Roadside Picker

Nasty Outcome = (Risk > Reward) + Incidents

The following events conform to the above equation.

(a)   Ferrari Slammed Taxi at cross-road, in Lion CITY. It was believed that the Ferrari traveled at close to 200km/hour when it hit the cab; trying to beat the red light.



(b)   In USA. Financial Market Bets Went Wrong; and this time around it is JPMorgan.



(c)   In Lion CITY. Risk of Doing The Wrong Things. A mass transit company emphasizes more on retail operation than the rail systems. The company has committed all the risk actions that made the public lose trust on them quickly. Its problems go deeper than what people have discovered.

A case of “Monkey saw; monkeys did…”


                                         above:  The ex-ceo


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