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by:   Roadside Picker

Singapore, China And USA – Interesting News Pick

(a)   Singapore


above:   A constituency By-election in the land of HOUGANG will take place this month. Three candidates to fight it out.  Rumors say:
–   the one on the Left corner will win;
–   the one on the top corner will be “poo”;
–   the one on the bottom corner will smile and …

AFTERNOTE***: Just come in. The top corner candidate in the above picture has “chickened” out. So, it goes back to a one-to-one fight.


above:   Big time video game “Diabo III” landed on Lion CITY.  Inflation or no inflation, this is a “must have” toy for many young followers…


above:   A public survey in Singapore on the prospect of inflation over the next 5 – 10 years. Most would think that this  inflation animal is going to stay in Lion CITY within this 10 years. 
CoffeeShop guys feel:  Then, can the projection of 30% productivity increase be the “savier”?

(b)   The USA


above:   This may be the foregone conclusion…


above:   This is where the hope lies…

(3)   China


above:   This young lady’s grandpa is a retired engineer down with critical illness, in China. He has never traveled abroad in his entire life.  Now in his short remaining time, his grand daughter wishes that someone could kindly sponsor her grandpa on a tour overseas.  She posted the wish on Internet.
Soon enough, many kind souls start to insert her grandpa’s photo on various sight-seeing destinations (pictures) all over the world’s famous spots. In this creative way, the oldman gets to “travel” and see all the nice sight-seeing places, before he dies…


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