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by:  Roadside Picker

Weekend’s Coming; Read Something Light


above:   A US research report mentioned that drinking coffee brings more benefits.  As compared with those not drinking coffee, coffee drinkers (2 cups or more) live longer; with at least 10% for men and 14% for women. But scientists have yet to discover what element(s) in the coffee contributes to the outcome of longivity.


above: : Ex-NBA superstar Larry Bird becomes the first ever 3-in-1 award winner in NBA history; he was the Best Player, Best Coach and now winning the award of Best Manager. 
“Big Bird” you can!  大鸟, 你行!


above:   The Lion CITY local news AGAIN reports that its armed forces (now, the navy and air force) would change its camouflaged uniform.  Over the years, this arm forces is well known for kept changing its Uniforms, Boots and most interestingly, slogans (such as, to add “respectable” etc in words) for its combat unts. 
Following gossip is funny:
One asked, “Why so often they change uniform and slogans? Is there any significant meaning to that?”
One answered, “Maybe that’s the way to prove something? Like productivity or capability…”
One asked, “Then why seldom hear them changing the doctrine?”
One answered, “Whao! You are expert man… you know what’s doctrine ah?  Yeah, but my American friend ever say that, doctrine changes not so simple you know, it requires battle field “blood and thunder” as the basis for revision… something like that.”
One realizes, “Oh…………”


above:   Lion CITY – New designed military boot that allows water to flow out… in keeping soldiers’ feet dry.  This one not bad though.


above:   A common syndrome in the Lion CITY –  “NIMBY”!
It stands for Not In My Backyard. 
The Lion CITY people have developed this new social behaviour with which residents of certain (or rather, in most cases) communities reject any govt. proposal that’s unfavorable to their asset prices (i.e. property prices).  But these NIMBY people are smart to use environmental reasons trying to block proposals that are even good for the public as a whole. 
Sometimes these NIMBYs are right.  Such as when the govt. went ahead to build labourers dormitory near a good housing estate.
Sometimes NIMBYs may not be right.  But certain policies have to be carefully thought through. Especially in the era of high asset pricing. Nobody likes their priced property vicinity to be “inserted” with any form of perceived negative factor.
As in the above photo story, residents of a relatively good landed property (low rise) area are angry about a nearby land that might be sold by govt. to private developer for building condominium estate (high rise).


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