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Lion CITY media extracts

by:   Roadside Picker

For Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing, one concern is how Singaporeans look at their country many years from now.

Mr Chan said: “We hope not to be the one whereby our young people all go elsewhere and come back for retirement because that will have implications on what we said to provide opportunities for our young…”

He hopes there is a large enough corps of Singaporeans that will stay rooted here.

“Because if everybody just come and go and this is nothing but Hotel Singapore, then I think we have another set of challenges which we have to manage and I am not sure that it will put us in good stead going forward or is that the best way for us to go forward…”

…. “Do you all believe that we need a sufficiently strong Singaporean corps or do you think we can survive with a revolving door? Those are deep questions we have to ponder.

*** The immigrants, economy and population growth rates are ather critical issues heavily weight on the Lion CITY’s future.  Such issues have been put forth by its govt. for more public debates lately. This is good towards forging a better understanding society, hopefully.
There’s still lack of clarity of purpose however; a trace of “avoidance” of giving clearer answers on certain issues, such as the following example,


above:  giving out S$144m of scholarships to attract foreigners to the Lion CITY yet it’s clear that “some” (no published figures) would just use that as a sprint-board to better grounds after they enjoy the benefits.


above:  bringing in immigrants not the best solution after all… but…


above:   building sand castle? Or Vision?

Key success factors for Lion CITY are, not only able to bring out the critical issues to be debated, more importantly public commitment for the solution(s) must be rallied to strive for the “next lap”. Greece’s dilemma is precisely at the critical juncture, its people still don’t buy-in to the proposed austerity solution; albeit everyone knew about the issues.
To know the issues is NOT Enough.


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