Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   pastor Joshua 

Transformation of Space Allows Us To See With Our Heart

IT is rather difficult at times, to fully illustrate deeper relationships between our Heart and Material Conditions; in which I tend to define both as “The Space”.

Only if we get to feel and understand the deeper sense of Space then we allow ourselves to See the greatness of God’s creation, through nature and also, material conditions. 

In most cases human like us would Lock ourselves in a tiny Space and hence, we only get to see the four walls up close!  Once we use both our heart and vision we then get to See the element of Depth of Field in our surrounding; suddenly the Space is opened up, allowing us to feel and touch the nature of things and their existence with rich meaning…

In (the Bible) Book of JOHN, John the apostle had written on miracles performed by Jesus in several occasions. The sense of commitment and conviction to Christ cannot be based on the miracles alone.  They must come from the heart and see with greater depth of field (Space). And common logics have limited dimensions to illustrate the deeper meaning of Word Made Flesh. 

The following two sets of photographs show the concept of space and nature through a modern church (高雄) and a resort hotel (日月潭) Both are in Taiwan.










Just allow yourself to See the Space and not functionality, you start to connect yourself with nature again, from your heart.  Yet without being there physically at this moment, there’s nothing block you from the greater sense of appreciatng the nature and beautiful things.  Seeing God is the same; use your heart and your space within.  Those seeking God and relying on material conditions are like Thomas.  Logics can’t hold a candle in the instance.


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