Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   Roadside Picker

To emphasize specific subject matter is to make an issue clearer for targeted audience.  In the process sometimes it is effective to adopt the “Enlarging” strategy, i.e. to make that issue/matter/item sounds as if it is the most endearing ideology to be embraced or to make it look as big as the Sun.

Sometimes it works to enlarge subject matter to grab attntion; but, one has to think about the unwanted surprises that follow with enlarged “situation”… that things can work the opposite way after been enlarged as other elements are being introduced into the original equation. 

For example, here are some altered situations:
(1)   Enlarged tail-pips may not necessarily increase car efficiency or horse power, but could bring in public protest.
(2)   Enlarged IPO may destroy a company’s (and the underwriting bank) reputation.
(3)   Enlarging an issue in engaged campaign without clarity of purpose may work the other way round…







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