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Lee Kuan Yew says, “Korea, Japan and China are having close ties in economic relations. The three nations cooperation brings about high productivity. TPP remains a broad-based framework that also includes America; more and more countries in Asia Pacific realize that participation in TPP has values. The Asia Pacific needs Americans presence, to balance the rise of an economically powerful China.” Lee was at the Asia’s Future Forum held in Tokyo, Japan.


In his speech, Lee also mentioned about whether it is in Asia Pacific or The Atlantic, USA remains a powerful nation….  US should realize its unique situation with China, which involves not only competition but also cooperation.”

Lee remains confident that China’s economy will equal if not overtake America if there’s no upheaval in its development path….  However, Lee reckons that it is not in China’s national interest to confront the US (in Asia Pacific).”

Lee also stressed that he had no better choice than to allow Singapore to open up for casino economy.  Lee went on to illustrate the serious business of managing leadership succession for Singapore government.  He says “Only those who work long period with the government would succeed in such leadership roles, because only they could fully understand our policies…”


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