Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:  Roadsde Picker

An interesting electoral by-election (polls) has been held in the Lion CITY’s Hougang district on 26 May 2012.  The secretary general of “Hammer Party” went on to disclose about the bias nature of the mainstream media for not reporting the political event as well as opposition candidate fairly.

One of the mainstream media/press couldn’t stomach such criticism and rebuked with an article (see below).  What it says, “Don’t aim at mainstream media”; it is not fair to critisize the media as the reporters are reporting all news in fairness.


Another press article below gave a solid commentary about Lion CITY’s electoral system. It says that the ruling party should not adopt old campaining strategies for the new era. And should not “hold on to public resourcs” (such as upgrading of constituency etc.) as a scheme to gain advantage. 


Anyway, the winning party in the recent electoral by-election turned up in full force to celebrate their victory. See below. “Hammers flying”…



above: P Party answering the press after result was announced.

above: Hammer Party candidate and key party leaders couldn’t stop laughing at press conference after winning the polls with big margin.


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