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by:   Roadside Picker

Pessimists Or Optimists? Or None of Both

The following media extracts of Lion CITY newspaper highlights both the aspiration and fear of younger generation of its society.


Key worrying factor of the young generation is about employment (jobs) for them. 
What they should be worried about are, Sustainable Economy and Asset Pricing (by-product of high inflation and asset bubble) indeed!
They have yet to understand those complex economic issues of this era. What things would gradually add up are, values of jobs are not enough to pay off high inflationary standard of living compounded by very long period of mortgage (debt) payments. A situation of acquiring and holding on to assets (also at the same time, greater liability/debt) but with little cash and lower purchasing power to live quality life as a whole, especially at or near retirement age. To avoid the scenario, drastic economic (and maybe social as well) restructuring needs to be done to create greater balance of living standards and pure economic development.
Growth in asset prices may not equate to real economic growth and fair distribution of wealth, regardless of GDP figures suggest.

They also think that the “home turf” lacks opportunities for them to excel.
The are right (and may not be that right) to point out that overly emphasize economic development dilutes sense of pariotism.

Most telling sign  –  2/3 of them prefer to move away (of course, if they could) to other “more liveable” countries for better quality life and opportunties to excel.

Something incongruence here, according to the report, still there’s 80% of them feel confidence about a better future for Lion CITY.  (While 2/3 want to run away for better living and opportunities elsewhere…).  A typical hypocritical response to open survey?  OR simply they don’t know what they are talking… ?


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