Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   Roadside Picker

Media article extracts of Lion CITY local press.


Coffee shop Ah Peh (old folk) asked me, “What’s she saying? Good or no-good…”
A guy was quick to answer the old man, “She’s saying that she loves her country as committed as watching from the other side of the river bank…”

Just thinking aloud, if more and more people think and act this way, this could be a dam good excuse to hold on to the Lion CITY passport… while making a much better living (and opportunities) somewhere else. 
There’s nothing wrong about staying away from homeland bacause of better opportunities; but it’s of no need to sing a “perfect excuse”.  People would understand the rationale why people make a move to stay away, just like those 2/3 of the students in a recent forum with minister, openly reflected their choice of moving out for better opportunities and life.
But, still no need to provide an excuse that’s coming from text-book. 


(It was raining with lightning outside the coffee shop)

A guy in the coffee shop says, “I would give the article she wrote a score of 98 marks out of 100”. 


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