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Kong Hee – Dark Knight Or Law Breaker?

Hot Media Extracts In Lion CITY
With Coffee Shop Views.
(moderated by pastor Joshua)

The saga of pastor Dr. Kong Hee is still “burning hot” in town.
It has been fueled by his church open statement to the media and public.
Legal experts say this is a risky move by the church itself, amounting to a serious act of interfering with judicial process!

One smart forum writer put it precisely in right perspective: “Cut out unhelpful behaviour, let law run its course”.

Kong Hee’s followers have forgotten one very important fact, that the place of offence/scam is the Republic of Singapore. It means only one fact: There’s social justice.
So, whether or not the church continues to show an attitude of Denial and Foolish Support, if pastor Kong Hee and gang are proven to be really the “Dickheads of Scam” (expressed by coffee shop old folks) and later sentenced by the court, then too bad that his followers have to draft out a long visiting roster to the jail. Because, you can’t have a few hundred people rush to visit jailbirds at one go. But if the law could not pinpoint any fault from their obvious behaviour, then be it.
Justice will prevail. This is true in Word of God too. Thy kingdom come.
It must be fair to say that the church is Not wrong, it is a holy place to worship God. But even church history from the ancient days had unfolded many dirty scams by its own members disguised as “Moses” or angels. BEWARE!

So, pastor Kong Hee’s followers must not be blinded by a figure looks like a Dark Knight (or Moses) and simply throw themselves unto such charismatic leadership. Only look unto God. Say Amen.

Kong Hee Saga: Angel Or Devil? 天使或是妖?

Lion City media extracts

SINGAPORE – Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports Sam Tan, said the City Harvest Church members’ support for their leaders is understandable.

He said the public’s response to the court case has been forthcoming and rational.

“It is understandable, that there will always be supporters to the leaders, and it is also completely understandable for them to express their support to their leaders. And it is also completely understandable for people who hold different views, to also express such views.
What The Coffee Shop’s Views?

One oldman reiterates, “This Ah Kong sure get hell from the court verdict, the garment won’t make it so big if they are not sure…”
Another oldman disagrees, “No la….. You dunno a lot of things, people got so big a crowd supporting leh…. He got 30,000 members!”
Another one chips in, “Ok la, dun talk only, let’s bet la.”
Rumour has it that coffee shop betting a big figure by now…

Then a Wiseman observes this syndrome and comments, “You can’t be an angel and devil all in one. Either you are truly an angel or, you are devil!”

Can They Make It In London?

By: Roadside Picker


When China, Japan & Korea have already trained up next generation of new blood to compete in London, these Lion City aunties are still boastful about their winning chances…. Very sad.

Coffee shop oldman, “we dun have young good table tennis players ah?”
Another old folk, “You dun know ah, aunties got more experience… ”
Another old coffee drinker, “Come on, they were all from the Land of Table Tennis!”

A young man overheard and commented, “By the way, they could not represent their original country and came here to leverage la…”
One oldman asked, “What is leverage, young man.”
The Wiseman replied, “It’s like using your water to wash their car all the time, but you are paying the bill. But they let you take photo next to their shiny car to share the pride.”
All the coffee shop old folks, “……………..”
One oldman, “I dun think they can come back in one piece… ”
The other say, “Who konws? This year we already got too many surprises….”

KONG HEE – Faith, Trust & Money

Singapore media extracts

The City Harvest Church’s star pastor Kong Hee has ended up in hot soup lately, or rather since the govt. investigation commenced in 2010.

Judging from the sentiment, only minority of the church 30,000 strong membership are still keen to support their “faithful leader”.

Latest from the media report, apparently the way Rev. Dr. Kong Hee and his Gang funnelling the church funds is a highly complex job. See diagram below. To put it in layman’s words, a case of ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL.

According to news report, the scam group lead by the able Kong Hee worked through complex scheme of false bond investment transactions for the church and, through the use of multi-purpose accounts to funnel huge funds back to their own accounts.
This was rigged out by the investigation.

Yesterday at the court about 200 supporters showed their strong faith for Kong Hee. They blocked away reporters and cameramen from Kong Hee & wife.

More to be unveiled in court when the hearing and prosecution start later. This is an unprecedented scam case in Singapore history, in terms of the scale and complexity of execution, according to the media report. And, surely a scale of 9.0 type of earthquake on Christian community.

More Update on Pastor KONG HEE

Media extracts

Here are some latest update on pastor Dr. Kong Hee’s scam of church funds.

– He was slammed with three charges in which, he funnelling at least $24m out from the church funds for his own usage.

– The gang of 5 including Kong Hee funnelled a total of close to $100m or so church funds to their accounts.

– The Kong Hee couple “own” luxury condo worth at least $9m. They had upgraded from $120,000 HDB flat to the luxury apartment. People are asking that where the money came from?

– All four of Kong Hee’s inner circle including the accounts manager (see pic) were also charged with moving away millions of dollars church funds.

This is pure madness to have had happened at one of the big mega churches in Singapore. Simply unthinkable for the country’s Christian community. It is like a huge earthquake.

Apparently pastor Kong Hee left words on his FB, stating that he trusts Jesus…

Big Harvest But Not For God 看,田里的钱多啊

Media extraction from Singapore local newspaper

$23m Question: Can God’s Shepherd Make Use of Donations (To God) For His Own Businesses?

Many Christians are not very clear about the answer.
Some say that pastoral staff (shepherds) are like family members to the church, so what’s wrong about it when family members take some money and use them for “own campaigns”?

The more enlightened ones would know about the teaching of the Word of God (Bible) that this is wrong and punishable. In the Bible there’s the story about three servants whoes master passed them money for investment before leaving for a trip. When he returned the most lazy servant was punished for not doing anything of the given sum but instead burried them underground to play safe.
Now, Pastor Kong Hee’s saga is amounting to behaving in a much worse manner by stealing his Master’s (God) money for own use! Yes, Thy kingdom comes…. Wait and he knows what he will face. For now, he and his gang of four must face up to the Police and the judge.

Here are some interesting press extracts:
One pic shows the huge house about the size of a 1/3 of football field where The Pastor’s wife and family stayed near Hollywood LA, United States.

Kong Hee Arrested – Big Scam On God’s Kingdom

Singapore media extracts as follows:

SINGAPORE: Five members of City Harvest Church (CHC), including its founder Pastor Kong Hee, have been arrested for alleged criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts of the church.

The other four members are John Tan Yee Peng, Lam Leng Ham, Chew Eng Ham and Sharon Tan.

The five were questioned by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on Tuesday.

Kong Hee was seen leaving the Police Cantonment Complex at 4pm.

The five will be charged in court on Wednesday.

CAD said it commenced an investigation on 31 May 2010 into certain financial transactions of CHC after receiving information of misuse of church funds.

The Commissioner of Charities (COC) began its inquiry into the charity on the same day under the Charities Act over alleged misconduct and mismanagement of the building fund which had been raised and earmarked for specific purposes.

The COC said financial irregularities of at least S$23 million from the charity’s funds had been discovered. These funds were used with the purported intention to finance the music career of Ho Yeow Sun, who is Pastor Kong’s wife and co-founder of the church.

Coffee shop old folks commented, “Wow, is a money churning job to preach about God… ”
Another guy, “Yeh…. He was clever not to go into computer industry you know. People say he graduated with computer science degrees.”
Yet another, “Oh no….this is big money he dun have to be accountable to God?”
One smart old folk, “No, he now has to be accountable to the Police, haha…”

Canadian No Leg Mountain Climber

Media Extracts

This Canadian 31 years old man was without leg from age 5 after a genetic infested sickness, both legs were amputated.

He climbed the highest mountain peak in Africa with his bare hands albeit some help from his team mates.

What a feat.

How To Compare Equity of Living?

By: Media extracts (Singapore)

Is It True That Lion City Cannot Learn From The Scandinavians?

More and more reports are appearing… Comparing Lion City’s “superior” system with Scandinavian countries.

The highlighted stats truly show one pertinent point: That these Scandinavian countries contribute much of their high tax collections back to the citizens in terms of healthcare, public infrastructure, life-style benefits etc. So the net sum of their system = High Quality of Life! Because created wealth being more fairly distributed to the masses. That’s probably the meaning of a Nation that could sustain much much longer in history.

Now you get the meaning of the equation?

But, it’s really a myth that why Lion City CANNOT Learn anything from them? (According to those Big Guns).

Another Improper Conduct Case: Singapore

By: Local media report extracts

It’s reported in Lion City local media that yet another senior govt. official has been found Improper Conduct!

The Chief of Protocol from the Ministry of Foreign Affair had been suspended from all duties and placed under formal investigation. Mr. Lim was alleged to submitting FALSE claims for expenses incurred and pocketed the excess.

Coffee shop old folks asking, “Why these days so many of them having Improper Conducts? Even though they are paid so very high salary!” They are referring to the superior Lion City system of “Pay High & No Corruption”.

Some asked, ” So there’s cracks in the system?”

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