Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   pastor Joshua


In Ohio Tiger Woods has finally found his confidence again.
This time around Woods managed to achieve something historically (in golf) significant, as he equals another golfing great Jack Niclolas’s total of 73 PGA wins.  Yet it is quite a grand touch for Woods to have done that at the adge 10 year younger than Jack.  Even more to his satisfaction, Woods did it with the presence of Jack at the PGA tournament at Memorial, Ohio.


Woods’ stunning comeback says a lot for his long two years difficult journey after his broken marriage. 
What the world saw (of Woods) from then till the eve of Memoral PGA tournament, were stories of angish, frustration, betrayal and defeats. 
But as from the moment when the ball rolled into the final hole at Memoral, the world has suddenly realized something again. That this guy has yet to be written off. 

It is both the Skill and Mind that did the work for Woods. But it is primarily the Mind’s game.  Woods new from deep down in his heart (and mind) that he’s not yet spent to admit defeat.  It is his strong conviction that has been recalled again and again, to pull himself from the edge. Woods put himself on the path focusing on just one single milestone at a time; clawing back what he had set his sight on.  A painful journey yet full of reflective effort to realign his inner self with some  determination that is required to make it works for him.  Looks like Woods has regained focus.

In our journey of life we need to constantly recall our conviction; and sometimes we have to let it guides our next journey ahead.  Otherwise, many of us would have succeeded but fail; by relying too much of our own knowledge and hence, get distracted too often by trivial things. 


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