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Scholarly Elites Not Equal To High-quality Leaders (South East Asia news)

The fact is clear, there’s no full-proof way to select “the best candidate” for important roles. 

The following media reports in Lion CITY once again (yet more to come) proved that paying high wages has got no relationship to maintaining high expectations for personal and public conducts. Scholarly superior or not, they are just normal human being; and hence, should not be overly praised and “pushed” up the ranks.



above:  former Singapore Civil Defence Force chief charged for corruption; he demanded sexual favours in return for IT tender contracts.  Three senior position business women were much “willing” to go along and offered sex, including “oral” treatment, according to the media.


above:  The identity of the three sex “Charlie’s Angels” was openly reported by media.  This is strange, as in normal circumstances the court would order that media not to report about female/women’s name in order to “protect” them. 

Here’s the Charlie’s (sex) Angels bio:

#1 Angel     –     Esther Goh.  Senior business development manager/director.  Single (?).  Offered MUTIPLE SHOTS service (with 7 instalments sexual favours) including oral as reported by media. 

#2 Angel     –     Pang Chor Mui.  General Manager.  Married.  Age 40+ .  Offered “once and for all premium service” inclusive of oral, as reported by media.

#3 Angel     –     Lee Wei Hoon.  Senior management.  Married. Age 30 – 40(?). Offered “One + 1” supreme service (one in Paris!) inclusive of oral, as reported by media.

It was also reported that the three ANGELS are likely to be charged in court…


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