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By: Lion City Old Folk

(South East Asia news)

Don’t Bring Children Into Party Politics

I am very shocked and surprised by the way the Lion CITY media and some university professors/analysts trying to promote party politics to children.

Those political analysts and university professors should be watchful of what they preach about this phenomenon (or simply BS) about letting children in touch with political issues at younger age would be good for them. It is not the case!

The reasons,
– Children are too naive and not ready for political indoctrination at their growing up stage. They are more useful stuff for them to learn.

– Politics are not PG (parental guidance movies). Don’t expect parents to guide their children on party politics.

– Political indoctrination is Not Sunday school subjects nor entertainment and educational program!!!

– Politics should not be made a “national sport”. The damages of widespread political indoctrination will affect the whole generation of children if not carefully managed.

Just because there’s a case of a student letting go on a minister after the forum, it does not mean that young children must now be guided on party politics! It is an over-reaction.

Politicians, professors and media please leave children out of politics.


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