Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

By: Roadside Picker

Why Some Fail And Some Excel

It’s easier to notice those who fight against odds and succeed than to understand why those seemingly successful are rolling downhill…

Gone the days when RIM could rally 44% of cellphone device market (in 2009) and heading for disaster with only 10% of the market share now.
They forgot about the key success factor is to stay ahead of the (technology) curve. BlackBerry now becomes RedBerry and bleeding blood.

Only Ostrich believes that Lion City’s small & medium enterprises (SME) could still shine through…. This category of entity is already a “dead-duck” in high costs pool of water. Yet the Lion CITY type of SMEs can’t achieve game-changing innovation…

TRUE aspiration: The young 18 years old fights her way through to be accepted by Harvard. Life has a very different meaning for her.


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