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By: Extracts of New York Times article

The Answer Is, About To Die Because of Too Many “Moronic” Philosophers Around… !

This is a rather well argued stand-point by author of this article in New York Times.

Going forward, the development of science needs more understanding about Nature, not philosophy arguments.
More and more scientific encounters cannot be explained by paradoxical arguments from philosophy.
The studies of philosophy only end up producing more Moronic philosophers who confuse our society more than providing enlightenment.

That makes me recall my mainland Chinese friend’s son Yan Kong, who studies philosophy…
Yan is an educated big idiot who carries no responsibility in life. He spends his grandparent’s saving. Yet he was advised to leave by the university he studied philosophy.
Now Yan has committed to his own crusade going round pretending to be an established philosopher – Moronic Philosopher! Such philosophers argue on everything under the sun. Their satisfaction comes from Argument Process. They argue and argue… Never get tired of the process. It is easy somehow, to notice one of them near you; the one who always give you his weird smiles is the Moronic philosopher in town. Some, will also sing along whistle when they disagree with your logical reply.

No wonder most scientists have acknowledged that philosophy is dead!
As I concerned, it is half-dead but soon it will be.
Only truly great philosophers can save the future and be the guiding torch for science. But where are they?


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