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by:  Media Extracts (ST)

This is a case of a Real-life Hero… who is willing to trade his own safety for the tour members under his charge.  It is no doubt that his strong faith has overcome his fear.

TOH volunteered himself to follow the armed men in order to save his tour group from the ordeal. So the 20 members of the tour group could continue their journey to Cairo unharmed.


Singaporean tour leader Vincent TOH released by Sinai kidnappers

Tour leader Vincent Toh, leading 20 Singaporean tourists in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, was kidnapped by armed men on Friday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement on Saturday that Mr Toh has since been released and is unharmed. Its spokesman added that Singaporeans are advised to avoid any overland travel to and in the Sinai area, in view of the current situation in the region.
The tourists were travelling overland from Sinai to Cairo when they and Mr Toh were intercepted by a group of armed men.

The armed men abducted Mr Toh but did not harm him, after 8 hours of under captive TOH was released and arrived safely in Cairo. The Egyptian authorities succeeded in securing the release of Mr Toh several hours later.


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