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Media extraction from Singapore local newspaper

$23m Question: Can God’s Shepherd Make Use of Donations (To God) For His Own Businesses?

Many Christians are not very clear about the answer.
Some say that pastoral staff (shepherds) are like family members to the church, so what’s wrong about it when family members take some money and use them for “own campaigns”?

The more enlightened ones would know about the teaching of the Word of God (Bible) that this is wrong and punishable. In the Bible there’s the story about three servants whoes master passed them money for investment before leaving for a trip. When he returned the most lazy servant was punished for not doing anything of the given sum but instead burried them underground to play safe.
Now, Pastor Kong Hee’s saga is amounting to behaving in a much worse manner by stealing his Master’s (God) money for own use! Yes, Thy kingdom comes…. Wait and he knows what he will face. For now, he and his gang of four must face up to the Police and the judge.

Here are some interesting press extracts:
One pic shows the huge house about the size of a 1/3 of football field where The Pastor’s wife and family stayed near Hollywood LA, United States.


Comments on: "Big Harvest But Not For God 看,田里的钱多啊" (2)

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  2. Lets hope the real truth emerges soon!

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