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Singapore media extracts

The City Harvest Church’s star pastor Kong Hee has ended up in hot soup lately, or rather since the govt. investigation commenced in 2010.

Judging from the sentiment, only minority of the church 30,000 strong membership are still keen to support their “faithful leader”.

Latest from the media report, apparently the way Rev. Dr. Kong Hee and his Gang funnelling the church funds is a highly complex job. See diagram below. To put it in layman’s words, a case of ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL.

According to news report, the scam group lead by the able Kong Hee worked through complex scheme of false bond investment transactions for the church and, through the use of multi-purpose accounts to funnel huge funds back to their own accounts.
This was rigged out by the investigation.

Yesterday at the court about 200 supporters showed their strong faith for Kong Hee. They blocked away reporters and cameramen from Kong Hee & wife.

More to be unveiled in court when the hearing and prosecution start later. This is an unprecedented scam case in Singapore history, in terms of the scale and complexity of execution, according to the media report. And, surely a scale of 9.0 type of earthquake on Christian community.


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