Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

By: Roadside Picker


When China, Japan & Korea have already trained up next generation of new blood to compete in London, these Lion City aunties are still boastful about their winning chances…. Very sad.

Coffee shop oldman, “we dun have young good table tennis players ah?”
Another old folk, “You dun know ah, aunties got more experience… ”
Another old coffee drinker, “Come on, they were all from the Land of Table Tennis!”

A young man overheard and commented, “By the way, they could not represent their original country and came here to leverage la…”
One oldman asked, “What is leverage, young man.”
The Wiseman replied, “It’s like using your water to wash their car all the time, but you are paying the bill. But they let you take photo next to their shiny car to share the pride.”
All the coffee shop old folks, “……………..”
One oldman, “I dun think they can come back in one piece… ”
The other say, “Who konws? This year we already got too many surprises….”


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